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Learn the benefits of placing your rental property into an LLC in Massachusetts.

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Why Place Your Rental Property into an LLC?

Avoiding putting together an Estate Plan is normal; Most people don’t like to think about or have a plan in place in case of their death if everything else in their life is fine. However, the cost of planning ahead is nominal compared to the peace of mind and the return on investment that comes […]

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Estate Planning Will Save Your Family Time and Money

Estate Planning Will Save Your Family Time and Money

Google the phrase “Estate Planning Mistakes” and you’ll see pages of results. Seems like attorneys and financial planners are always telling their clients how to avoid one mistake or another as they put together their estate plan. But in the end, the single biggest mistake you can make is all about what you DON’T do. […]

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The Number One Estate Planning Mistake

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There are many misconceptions about what a ‘Will’ does and whether your need one or not.  The short answers is that everyone needs one if they care about where their estate will go after they pass.  The Will is the governing document of your probate estate, after you have passed away.  So what is your […]


A Will does not avoid probate!!