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Understanding how to protect your assets as you age is a critical component of estate planning.  In addition to navigating estate taxes, beneficiaries, and who will be responsible for your medical decisions should you be unable to make them yourself, it is also critically important to look ahead and think about long-term care coverage as […]

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MassHealth Lien Law and Proactive Estate Planning

Protect your home. Understanding MassHealth Lien Law

It’s a common story among blended families: an aging parent becomes ill and the parent’s biological children clash with the parent’s spouse. While some of these disagreements are generally small, as a Middlesex County elder law attorney, I have seen numerous times when the disagreements are not only great, but the child also fears for […]


What Can Adult Children Do When Elder Parents Need Help and the Spouse Disagrees?

Longer lives are among the greatest achievements of our modern era. Advances in healthcare and other progress related to human safety have resulted in what the United Nations says is one of the most significant social transformations of the 21st century. However, with the success of longer lives come problems that catch most of us off-guard. […]


The Dangers of Denial – Why You Need to Plan for Long-Term Care for Your Parents in Middlesex County

Millions of individuals are affected by dementia in their lifetime. Unfortunately, it is usually after a medical crisis, like dementia, hits that many families begin to think about estate planning. What people don’t realize, however, is that it may be “too late” under the law to make a plan after dementia strikes.  This is usually […]


Can Someone with Signs of Dementia Sign Legal Documents?

As a Framingham elder law attorney, I get this question quite a bit. Should I invest in long-term care insurance? The answer is….maybe.  Let me explain. First, you should consider the fact that the Department of Health and Human Services estimates that anyone reaching the age of 65 years has a 40% chance of entering […]


Framingham Elder Law Attorney Answers: Is Long-Term Care Insurance a Good Investment?

The elderly are too often targets of unscrupulous individuals who may try to take an unsuspecting senior’s money. Seniors are especially vulnerable as they become less cognitively able and thus more dependent on other adults. Unfortunately, as a Great Boston Area elder law lawyer, I am sad to say that elder financial abuse is common […]


Greater Boston Elder Law Lawyer: 5 Red Flags of Financial Abuse

Your mother has recently fallen and broken her hip.  Her doctor informs you that it is not safe for her to return home and that she needs to go into a skilled nursing facility.  You get her settled in a nursing home, but soon realize that the monthly cost of nursing home care is going […]


Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Complete a MassHealth Application