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Feels like summer is just kicking off, but already, we’re seeing back to school displays at Target. For school-aged kids, this means school supplies and backpacks. And for those headed off to college, we’re seeing sales on dorm essentials like bedding, small fridges, and storage bins.  But as you spend the summer planning and anticipating […]


Back to School Essentials: Legal Documents for Young Adults

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Even with the best intentions, most senior citizens don’t plan for a future in which they may be incapacitated. Perhaps they didn’t want to face the prospect of losing autonomy, or perhaps they fell ill before they had a chance to plan. Either way, for those with elder relatives and loved ones who no longer […]


Understanding the Process to Obtain a Conservatorship/Adult Guardianship in Middlesex County

When a child with special needs turns 18, parents must begin to think about sensitive issues such as long-term care planning and how to legally stay in control.  Adult guardianship is one such vehicle that allows parents to have legal and financial authority over their children when their parental rights would otherwise be terminated. Petitioning […]


Framingham Guardianship Lawyer: Pros and Cons of Guardianships for Young Adults with Special Needs