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Understanding how to protect your assets as you age is a critical component of estate planning.  In addition to navigating estate taxes, beneficiaries, and who will be responsible for your medical decisions should you be unable to make them yourself, it is also critically important to look ahead and think about long-term care coverage as […]

Estate Administration

MassHealth Lien Law and Proactive Estate Planning

Protect your home. Understanding MassHealth Lien Law

Your mother has recently fallen and broken her hip.  Her doctor informs you that it is not safe for her to return home and that she needs to go into a skilled nursing facility.  You get her settled in a nursing home, but soon realize that the monthly cost of nursing home care is going […]


Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Complete a MassHealth Application

As our clients get older, many worry about leaving a legacy for their children.  Some have heard stories of someone they know losing their life savings to the costs of long-term care in a nursing home.  While there are various planning techniques to help shelter assets from the costs of long-term care, a long standing […]

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Key Case Affirms Use of Irrevocable Trusts as Medicaid Planning Tool