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While married couples have different priorities than their single counterparts, one thing is certain: anyone – whether they have a family or not – needs to think about estate tax planning. In fact, planning one’s own estate taxes as a single person might be more important than it is for a married couple. Why? As […]

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Do I Need to Think About Estate Tax Planning as a Single Person?

As a Greater Boston Probate Attorney, I’m commonly asked, “What are the most important steps I need to take after the death of a loved one?” While each situation is different, there are eight general tasks that I advise families to start with when attempting to finalize their loved one’s affairs and close out the […]


Greater Boston Probate Attorney Reveals 8 Important Steps to Take After the Death of a Loved One

Many people plan for their retirement by using Roth IRAs due to their great tax benefits, but most don’t know that Roth IRAs are also excellent for avoiding probate. First, here are some basics about tax planning with Roth IRAs that Middlesex County probate lawyers typically go over with their clients:   Unlike traditional IRAs […]

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Middlesex County Probate Lawyers: Avoiding Probate with a Roth IRA