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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way everyone does business. While we still love to see our clients in person, we’ve found that more often, folks ask to conduct their estate planning consult over Zoom. Virtual appointments are different, for sure, but also offer a great opportunity to be more flexible. Still, it’s easy to […]

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Preparing for your COVID-Era Estate Planning Consult

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Google the phrase “Estate Planning Mistakes” and you’ll see pages of results. Seems like attorneys and financial planners are always telling their clients how to avoid one mistake or another as they put together their estate plan. But in the end, the single biggest mistake you can make is all about what you DON’T do. […]

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The Number One Estate Planning Mistake

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Recent studies have shown that only a little more than half of all Americans have a Will or Trust document in place to direct their estate after they pass away, and that the vast majority of those documents have not been updated in the last five years. Even worse, it’s been reported that most adult […]


Massachusetts Estate Planning Lawyer: 3 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

There are many misconceptions about what a ‘Will’ does and whether your need one or not.  The short answers is that everyone needs one if they care about where their estate will go after they pass.  The Will is the governing document of your probate estate, after you have passed away.  So what is your […]


A Will does not avoid probate!!

What is the intestacy statute?  It is a statute here in Massachusetts which sets up the rules of how your estate would be passed down, if you died an executed will.  Many people assume “everything will go to my wife” or “I have nothing, so it doesn’t matter.”  However, as we all know, assumptions are […]


Understanding the Intestacy Statute

Naming a guardian for a young child in a Will can be one of the hardest decisions a parent has to make.  There is no one that could ever replace you as the parent of your children.  Many parents put off executing an estate plan all together because they simply cannot decide who they want […]


One of the Hardest Decisions a Parent Has to Make