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Right now, the real estate market is booming, with people buying and selling left and right. If you are getting in on the action, now is a great time to get in touch with your estate planning attorney. Owning Property Is A Great Reason To Establish A Trust Buying a house is one of the […]

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Buying or Selling Real Estate? It’s Time To Talk To Your Estate Planning Attorney

While married couples have different priorities than their single counterparts, one thing is certain: anyone – whether they have a family or not – needs to think about estate tax planning. In fact, planning one’s own estate taxes as a single person might be more important than it is for a married couple. Why? As […]

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Do I Need to Think About Estate Tax Planning as a Single Person?

When working with clients as a Framingham will and trust lawyer, many of them are surprised to hear that they need to designate Powers of Attorney even if they are married. They assume their spouse can handle everything if something happens, but this is not usually the case.


Framingham Will and Trust Lawyer Warns: “Spouses Need Powers of Attorney, Too”

The number of adult children caring for their elderly parents is growing at a very fast pace. If you are a baby boomer and not already caring for an elderly parent, chances are high that you might be facing this situation soon.  It isn’t always easy to know when, or how, to step in to […]


How to Know When It’s Time to Step in and Care for Your Elderly Loved One


Like many Americans, your home is probably your largest asset. However, if you have children who have grown and moved away, you’re left with an empty nest, quiet and big. You may be torn between keeping the house and passing it to your children someday, or selling it. On one hand, it may be the […]


Sell the House, or Keep It for the Kids?

Unfortunately, family feuds that center around someone’s will or trust are a tale as old as time. Even if this is not something you have personally experienced, you may have heard a few horror stories. As a Framingham will and trust lawyer, I’ve seen it firsthand.  While family squabbles after the death of a loved […]

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Framingham Will and Trust Lawyer: How to Ensure Your Estate Plan Doesn’t Spark a Family Feud

A common concern for those who have remarried is that they still want to leave the bulk of their estate to their adult children without abandoning their current spouse. The solution? Create a life estate. A life estate is a tenancy that allows a person to use a property for the rest of their natural […]


Framingham Will Lawyer: A Life Estate Can Prevent Your New Spouse and Adult Kids from Fighting Over Your House When You’re Gone