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Studies show that at least 80 percent of New Year’s Resolutions fail. But that also means that 20 percent of us are successful – read on for our four step plan that will help you to be in that successful 20 percent. Determine how long it will take you to achieve your goal Yo​ur goal may […]

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New Year Resolutions: Four Steps for Success (And Some Estate Plan Advice, Too!)

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As a Framingham will and trust lawyer, I’ve worked with many grandparents interested in leaving a legacy behind for their grandchildren. A lot of people are surprised when I tell them they could be causing more harm than good if they aren’t careful.

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Be Careful When Leaving Assets to Underage Beneficiaries

When working with clients as a Framingham will and trust lawyer, many of them are surprised to hear that they need to designate Powers of Attorney even if they are married. They assume their spouse can handle everything if something happens, but this is not usually the case.


Framingham Will and Trust Lawyer Warns: “Spouses Need Powers of Attorney, Too”

When most people think about estate planning, they picture money and property. But, as a Framingham will and trust lawyer, I see more and more people adding intangible assets to their estate plan. Intangible assets might be things that have no monetary value, but are nonetheless important to the family. They may include personal letters, […]


Creative Ways to Leave “Intangible Assets” To Your Loved Ones

Are you planning for your children’s future? Picture this – you get an opportunity to spend some alone time with your spouse. What do you do to prepare for date night? You carefully select a babysitter. Then, you write detailed instructions; when to feed the baby, how often to change diapers, what snacks are allowed…and […]


You Plan for Date Night – But Not for Your Kids Future?!

As a Framingham will and trust lawyer, I have the important job of helping clients create a legacy that is compliant with a number of different laws. For the most part, these laws will vary from state to state.  Some differences are minor, while others can impact an estate plan significantly.  Someone who already has […]

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Your Estate Plan May Need to Change If You Move to A New State. Talk to Your Framingham Will and Trust Lawyer

Unfortunately, family feuds that center around someone’s will or trust are a tale as old as time. Even if this is not something you have personally experienced, you may have heard a few horror stories. As a Framingham will and trust lawyer, I’ve seen it firsthand.  While family squabbles after the death of a loved […]

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Framingham Will and Trust Lawyer: How to Ensure Your Estate Plan Doesn’t Spark a Family Feud