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Studies show that at least 80 percent of New Year’s Resolutions fail. But that also means that 20 percent of us are successful – read on for our four step plan that will help you to be in that successful 20 percent. Determine how long it will take you to achieve your goal Yo​ur goal may […]

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New Year Resolutions: Four Steps for Success (And Some Estate Plan Advice, Too!)

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way everyone does business. While we still love to see our clients in person, we’ve found that more often, folks ask to conduct their estate planning consult over Zoom. Virtual appointments are different, for sure, but also offer a great opportunity to be more flexible. Still, it’s easy to […]

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Preparing for your COVID-Era Estate Planning Consult

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You know it is important to plan for your future: college for the kids, retirement, and security for your family should anything happen to you. We hear all the time that the whole things seems so overwhelming – and often, people just put it off because it just seems so daunting.  But once you’ve decided […]

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Financial and Estate Planners: An Important Partnership

Google the phrase “Estate Planning Mistakes” and you’ll see pages of results. Seems like attorneys and financial planners are always telling their clients how to avoid one mistake or another as they put together their estate plan. But in the end, the single biggest mistake you can make is all about what you DON’T do. […]

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The Number One Estate Planning Mistake

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Understanding how to protect your assets as you age is a critical component of estate planning.  In addition to navigating estate taxes, beneficiaries, and who will be responsible for your medical decisions should you be unable to make them yourself, it is also critically important to look ahead and think about long-term care coverage as […]

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MassHealth Lien Law and Proactive Estate Planning

Protect your home. Understanding MassHealth Lien Law

Are you planning for your children’s future? Picture this – you get an opportunity to spend some alone time with your spouse. What do you do to prepare for date night? You carefully select a babysitter. Then, you write detailed instructions; when to feed the baby, how often to change diapers, what snacks are allowed…and […]


You Plan for Date Night – But Not for Your Kids Future?!

The number of adult children caring for their elderly parents is growing at a very fast pace. If you are a baby boomer and not already caring for an elderly parent, chances are high that you might be facing this situation soon.  It isn’t always easy to know when, or how, to step in to […]


How to Know When It’s Time to Step in and Care for Your Elderly Loved One