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In the intricate dance of estate planning, one must waltz carefully around the thorny issue of taxes. Massachusetts, like many other states, imposes estate taxes that can eat away at the legacy you’ve worked so hard to build. But fear not, for in the realm of legal strategies, there exists a charming solution: the Disclaimer […]

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Unlocking the Magic of Disclaimer Trusts: Your Key to Estate Tax Planning in Massachusetts with Ladimer Law

In the intricate realm of estate planning, the objective is often to safeguard assets, streamline distribution, and mitigate the complexities of probate. However, even the most meticulously crafted estate plans may encounter unforeseen challenges, as demonstrated by a recent scenario involving one of our clients. Meet Mrs. Smith, a woman who, proactively planning for the […]

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Unexpected Probate: Navigating Legal Hurdles Despite a Well-Executed Estate Plan

Hello Friends! I’m super excited to announce that we will be releasing our NEW  Wills in a Week program for adults without kids.  In the past, Wills in a Week has only been available for those with kids (single or married).  We’ve worked on the logistics so that we can offer Wills in a Week […]

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Wills in a Week – Kid Free Style!

February 2024 So, you’re in Massachusetts, scratching your head over MassHealth, the state’s Medicaid program. You’ve got options, my friend, but let’s not get our wires crossed. We’ve got two main characters in this drama: MassHealth Long-Term Care and MassHealth Standard. Think of them as siblings—related but with totally different personalities. MassHealth Long-Term Care: This […]


Don’t Call an Elder Law Attorney for Your Health Insurance: Understanding MassHealth Long-Term Care vs. MassHealth Standard

February 2024 Losing a loved one is an emotional and challenging time, and dealing with their financial affairs can add another layer of complexity to an already difficult situation. One of the primary concerns that arises after the passing of a family member or friend is what happens to their debts. In this article, I […]

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Understanding Debts After Death: Why Avoiding Probate Matters

February 2024 In the realm of estate planning, the intricacies of Massachusetts law can sometimes feel daunting. Yet, there’s a powerful tool available to residents of the Bay State that can alleviate many of these concerns: trusts. Particularly, establishing a trust in Massachusetts not only allows for the avoidance of probate but also streamlines the […]

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Maximizing Estate Efficiency: The Power of Trusts in Massachusetts

Introduction: Estate planning is a crucial aspect of managing one’s assets, ensuring they are distributed according to one’s wishes, and minimizing potential legal complications for heirs. Two commonly used strategies in estate planning are life estates and trusts. In this article, we will explore why putting your home in trust may be a more advantageous […]

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The Case for Trusts over Life Estates: A Cautionary Tale

Introduction Hey there, savvy planners! Let’s talk about a nifty tool in the estate planning game: the Transfer on Death (TOD) designation for your bank accounts. The TOD designation is essentially putting a beneficiary on your bank accounts, just like a life insurance policy.  They can’t access the money until after you pass away. We […]

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Passing on Your Dough: Why Ladimer Law Says Trusts Make Bank with Transfer on Death

Introduction: Parenthood is a thrilling journey filled with joy, laughter, and countless precious moments. Yet, amid the chaos of hockey practices, school projects, and bedtime stories, many parents in Massachusetts overlook a critical aspect of responsible parenting – having a comprehensive estate plan in place. Picture this: you’re ensuring your child wears a helmet while […]

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Do You Make This Mistake as a Parent?

Hello Friend! I hope your holiday season has been stress-free and filled with good times so far!  I’m reaching out to address a question I have been receiving about the upcoming webinar in January.  People have been asking ‘What’s the difference between the Wills in a Week program and this webinar?’ First, the webinar is […]

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Webinar vs Wills in a Week

Hello again! I am doing a live webinar on January 8th at 10 am!  This webinar will cover various topics that I discuss with clients in their initial consultation. I will go over what the probate process is and how to avoid it, what the Massachusetts estate tax is and how to reduce estate taxes, […]

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Webinar January 8th a 10 am!

Hello Friend! I’m so excited to announce that I am doing a free webinar on Monday, January 8th! I know lots of people make it their New Year’s resolution to “get their Will done” so I want to help them accomplish this!  Typically, I also charge $399 for a private consultation. However, I will waive […]

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Get Your Will Done Webinar!

Have you received a notification that soon you will not have access to your child’s healthcare portal? For better or worse, when your child turns 18, they are an adult in the eyes of the law.  There is a federal law called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which protects our medical records, commonly […]

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Does Your 18-Year-Old Need a Healthcare Proxy and HIPAA Release?

Phew! There has been a lot of buzz lately with the new Massachusetts estate tax threshold being changed from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 – it’s been great news for many of our clients.  When you are a Trust and Estate Attorney, dealing with death and taxes are part of everyday life, we hear bad news probably […]

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An Estate Tax Story

Lots of people talk about spring cleaning and how spring is the time to clean up our lives after the “hibernation” during the winter.  However, spring is my least favorite season of the year!  Summer is great because it is daylight a lot longer, I love being outside in the sunshine and on the ocean.  […]

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Wills in a Week(sm) is coming back!

Save The Date! We are super excited to announce that we will be running a special promotion for our Wills in a Week(sm) program!  So, save the date!  Starting Friday, October 27th at 9 am through Friday, November 3rd at noon clients will be able to participate in our Wills in a Week program at […]

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Save the Date!

I don’t think there is one person in this world who never procrastinates getting something done that they need or should do.  We all do it!  But there are ways to help us procrastinate less.  I know this has been a constant work in progress for myself.  For me, I procrastinate odd to-dos that aren’t […]

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Tips to Stop Procrastinating!

Trusts are legal entities, like an LLC or a corporation.  You can place assets into trust, and you can take assets out of trust.  You place assets into trust by retitling the asset.  For example, your checking account statement comes with your name and address on it.  When you go to the bank and fill […]

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What should you put in your trust?

A common question I get from my clients is ‘Where does it say that my kids are to split everything equally?’  The law in Massachusetts is set up to help estate planning attorneys simplify the documents.  However, the legal terms can be confusing for the clients.  In Massachusetts, we use the term ‘descendants’ to describe […]

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Why is it so difficult to read my trust?

Your last living parent has passed away and you are trying to come to terms with your new orphan status.  It sucks and there is no way around it.  It’s an awful part of life that everyone must go through at some point.  And then you meet with an estate planning attorney, and they tell […]

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What to expect if your parents’ estate owes an estate tax

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